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Are these giveaways legit?

We are as LEGIT as they come! We are a legally registered, licensed, bonded, and insured sweepstakes company. Moderation for all of our giveaways is overseen by VIRAL SWEEPS and they insure that our operations are conducted with complete transparency. All of our giveaways are eligible within the contiguous United States and Canada (excluding Quebec).

Who is eligible to win?

Our giveaways are open only to legal residents of the 48 contiguous United States (excludes Alaska and Hawaii), the District of Columbia and Canada (excluding Quebec) who are licensed drivers and legal age majority (18 years old in most states) in the state/province/territory in which they reside.

How do I enter the current giveaway?

Our entering process is easy! Every $1 spent in our store will get you entries to win! For example if the current entry multiplier is 10X and you spend $100 on merchandise - you will receive 1000 Entries to Win!! All entries are automatically calculated by our system at checkout and sent to our Sweepstakes Administrator for the winner drawing once the giveaway ends!

I placed an order, how do I know if I'm entered?

Once you complete checkout our system will AUTOMATICALLY RECORD your entries! Place one, two, three or even 100 orders, all of your entries will be AUTOMATICALLY COMBINED! 

How do I know how many entries I have?

Checking your entry count is simple! Just send an email to our support team, RANCHOVIBESTX@GMAIL.COM and they will be glad to help you!

How is the winner selected? When is the winner selected?

Once the Giveaway closes, we send our Federally Compliant Sweepstakes Agency, VIRAL SWEEP, all the data with the entries. About a week after the deadline of the giveaway, they will then conduct a Random Drawing to select the grand prize winner and any alternates. The agency will then call and email the winner to notify and confirm them. Once the identity and eligibility of the winner is confirmed by the agency, we have a winner. We later announce the winner on Instagram Live and we call the winner personally first time on the livestream!

Do you notify the winner over social media?

Absolutely Not!! Our winners are NEVER notified over social media. They are notified by our sweepstakes agency, VIRAL SWEEP, via email and phone call. If you were told you won one of our giveaways over any social media (Instagram Direct Message, Facebook Messenger, Tiktok DMs, ETC.) you are being contacted by a SCAMMER!! Please block and report them! Click here to view our guide on how to avoid scammers!

Does the winner ever have to pay to retrieve the prize?

ABSOLUTELY NOT!! Our winners DO NOT have to pay ANYTHING to retrieve the prize. If you are being asked to pay to retrieve the prize you are being contacted by a scammer! Do not give them any information. Click here to view our guide on how to avoid scammers!

We fly our winners out to RANCHO VIBES TX HQ here in TEXAS and they typically choose to drive their prize home.


How do I know if my order has shipped?

If you created an account, you can simply log in to check the status of your order. If you forgot your account information, follow the prompts to reset and validate your information from the email sent OR contact our customer service team to get assistance (RANCHOVIBESTX@GMAIL.COM)

When will my order ship?

Our goal is to have your product shipped as soon as humanly possible from the date of purchase. Based on current volume of orders when you order your products will determine your shipping time. We are moving as fast as we can, we appreciate your support and continued patience! 

I never got a confirmation email...

Here a the steps to help you find your email:

Check your JUNK / SPAM folder. If you still don’t see your email, please contact our customer service team (RANCHOVIBESTX@GMAIL.COM) with the following information:

First and Last Name

Full address (House #, Street, Town, ZIP code)

My package has been returned to sender? What do I do?

Contact Customer Service (RANCHOVIBESTX@GMAIL.COM) with your order number and your complete CORRECT address. We will wait until the package is successfully received back at RANCHO VIBES TX HQ prior to purchasing another shipping label to get it back out to the proper address

My Package got sent back / never arrived.. Am I still entered in the giveaway?

You are 100% still entered! Merchandise delivery and sweepstakes entries are two totally separate processes. Immediately following the completion of an order on our website two critical things happen.

Your entries are automatically submitted to our Sweepstakes Administrator.

Your merchandise order is transmitted through to our shipping team, where our team will begin to produce your items and get them ready for shipment to you. 

I got my order but some thing(s) are missing?

Don't worry! We ship thousands of different products per day. Everyone makes the occasional errors and sometimes our shipping team may misread your order sheet. If you are missing anything from your order upon it arriving please contact our customer support team (RANCHOVIBESTX@GMAIL.COM) and they will be happy to help you!

Why are my limited products taking so long to ship?

Our limited products are sometimes pre-sale items. Once the pre-sale ends (roughly 1 weeks’ promotion time) we will then order the specific amount of product to begin production (another week requirement). Once the limited edition batch is complete we will begin to ship all limited orders (Usually 5-7 business Days).

I messaged/commented on social media about an order, but haven't heard back, what do I do?

Due to extremely high traffic on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Tik Tok. We are unable to manage all of our customers questions in an orderly fashion, so we do not answer order specific questions via social media. If you have any order specific questions, please contact our customer service team (RANCHOVIBESTX@GMAIL.COM)

I emailed customer support (RANCHOVIBESTX@GMAIL.COM) but never got a response...

At times we deal with large influxes of customer demand, and occasionally an email can slip through the cracks. Please do us a favor and re-send the email as we are passionate and dedicated to servicing your needs to our best ability!